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Endgrain Editions

Wood engraving by Colin Paynton
(from The Chimes, 1985)

Endgrain Editions One:
Gerard Brender à Brandis

May 2000

Endgrain Editions Two:
Abigail Rorer

November 2001

Endgrain Editions Three:
Peter Lazarov

Summer 2003

Endgrain Editions Four:
Simon Brett

Winter 2013/2014

Endgrain Editions Five:
Richard Wagener

September 2019

Cover scan
Title page from Endgrain Editions Three: Peter Lazarov

Endgrain Editions

Books on wood engraving have become a particular speciality of the press since the publication in 1995 of Endgrain: Contemporary Wood Engraving in North America. This title was greeted with considerable acclaim, and is now widely sought after.

The interest shown in Endgrain has spawned an ongoing series of books called Endgrain Editions, each volume showing selected work of a single engraver, printed from the original blocks, with an introduction and a catalogue of major works. The first of this series, on Canadian engraver Gerard Brender à Brandis, appeared in 2000 and is now out of print. Those interested in his work may read details about Endgrain Editions One in the Archives section of our site.

Endgrain Editions Two features the work of Abigail Rorer, who is active as an illustrator, using drawing, painting and etching as well as wood engraving. Her work has appeared in books from Houghton-Mifflin, Henry Holt, Little Brown & Company, Counterpoint, W.W. Norton, The University of California Press, and many others, as well as in private press limited editions from Colin Press, Catawba Press, and her own Lone Oak Press. Many of her engravings are inspired by old daguerrotypes and photographs. She has a zestful eye for texture, and her work shows an enchantment with “minute detail, every fold in a dress, every hair on an animals’s head, every flake of bark on a tree trunk ...” (to quote from her own introduction to the volume). The volume is now out of print but is described in the Archives section of the site.

The most recent volume in the series, Endgrain Editions Three: Peter Lazarov, was the first to be printed in the alternative, larger format (10 ½ by 15 inches). As we anticipated, it made quite a stir among collectors of wood engravings, since Peter’s work is unlike that of any other engraver we have seen. His approach ranges from realist pastoral engravings to semi-abstract and neo-expressionist pieces of great power, and often finds its inspiration in classical mythology and literary reference, while not being explicitly illustrative of either.

A future volume in Endgrain Editions will feature the work of Richard Wagener (who was included in Endgrain). A forthcoming book on Gaylord Schanilec, originally conceived as a part of the Endgrain Editions series, has taken on characteristics which make it significantly different from the other books. We have therefore decided to publish it separately, as an adjunct or companion volume, rather than as a part of the series. Please note that subscribers to Endgrain Editions who wish to purchase this book will receive their series discount.

We also plan to devote a later volume in the series to presenting a cross-section of engravers who have emerged since Endgrain was published in 1995. In the last six or seven years we have often encountered the name of an engraver new to us, and have seen a good deal of work which has impressed us very much. In consequence we plan to issue an addendum which will include up to fifty engravers whose work was not included in the earlier book, most having emerged since then. We will draw principally from the membership of the Wood Engraver’s Network, and will probably extend the brief to include some engravers from outside North America.

Subscriptions to Endgrain Editions

For collectors with a particular and strong interest in wood engraving, we offer a special subscription to the Endgrain Editions series. Endgrain Subscribers agree to purchase one copy of every volume in the series (in their choice of either state) at a discount of 20%. Subscribers should specify whether they will want Regular or Deluxe copies.

Please note that this discount applies only to Endgrain Editions. Please see our Ordering page to purchase individual volumes from the series, or to become a Subscriber. Note that Endgrain Editions One: Gerard Brender à Brandis, Endgrain Editions Two: Abigail Rorer, Endgrain Editions Three: Peter Lazarov, Endgrain Editions Four: Simon Brett and Endgrain Editions Five: Richard Wagener are now out of print.