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Books in Print

Wood engraving by Colin Paynton
(from The Chimes, 1985)

An Avian Alphabet
A Flock of Poems on Birds by 15 Canadian Poets, selected by Susan McCaslin, with 30 Woodcuts by Edith Krause
Autumn 2023

The Marriage
of True Minds

An Anthology for an Anniversary Chosen by Jan & Crispin Elsted, with various engravings
Spring 2023

Wayzgoose Pamphlet Number One
The 'Wayzgoose' Explained, with Historical Notes on Cope's Albion, and Sherwin & Cope's Imperial, Presses
Autumn 2022

Wayzgoose Pamphlet Number Two
The Dingbat: a Picaresque Etymology, with Examples
Spring 2023

The Marriage of True Minds

The Marriage of True Minds: binding

Title page with frontispiece by Richard Wagener

‘Spring’ (Anon.). Engraving by Andy English

‘Tesselations after Sappho’. Engraving by Walter Bachinski

‘Affection for Kisses’ (MacLeod) Engraving by Abigail Rorer

‘Aubade’ (Elsted) Engraving by Peter Lazarov

‘A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning’ (Donne) Engraving by
Graham Williams

‘Late Schubert’ (Zwicky) Engraving by Simon Brett

Text opening: William Shakespeare & John Skelton

Book with slipcase & portfolio of prints

Engravings by Simon Brett, Walter Bachinski, Abigail Rorer, and Peter Lazarov

Engravings by Graham Williams, Richard Wagener, and Andy English