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Wood engraving by Edwina Ellis
(from A Christmas Carol, 1984)

An Avian Alphabet
A Flock of Poems on Birds by 15 Canadian Poets, selected by Susan McCaslin, with 30 Woodcuts by Edith Krause
Autumn 2023

Bordering on the Sublime
Ornamental Typography at the Curwen Press
Late 2024

Bordering on the Sublime:
Ornamental Typography at the Curwen Press

Gallery half-title

‘Gallery of Ornamental Borders’: Granjon arabesque

A la Carte Menu

Fournier leaves with Granjon & arabesque elements

Double Crown Club menu: panelled border in 18th century style

Miscellany of borders

Midland Hotel: Fournier leaves & flowers with other elements

Borders strips & fleurons for Midland Hotel menu

The English Parish Church: coloured rule with Lyonnaise arabesques

Opening text page: Preamble

Text page with page from Caxton’s Fifteen Oes

Text page with bordered insert

Text page: section opening

Two-colour formes with proof

One border, three ways

Three proofs for British Transport

An embarrassment of riches

A Chapter Opening from David Jury's Essay