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Wood engraving by Edwina Ellis
(from A Christmas Carol, 1984)

Pastoral Elegies
Thomas Gray’s
Elegy written in
a country churchyard

& Oliver Goldsmith’s
The Deserted Village
Spring 2024

Bordering on the Sublime
Ornamental Typography at the Curwen Press
Late 2024

Bordering on the Sublime:
Ornamental Typography at the Curwen Press

Gallery half-title

‘Gallery of Ornamental Borders’: Granjon arabesque

A la Carte Menu

Fournier leaves with Granjon & arabesque elements

Double Crown Club menu: panelled border in 18th century style

Miscellany of borders

Midland Hotel: Fournier leaves & flowers with other elements

Borders strips & fleurons for Midland Hotel menu

The English Parish Church: coloured rule with Lyonnaise arabesques

Opening text page: Preamble

Text page with page from Caxton’s Fifteen Oes

Text page with bordered insert

Text page: section opening

Two-colour formes with proof

One border, three ways

Three proofs for British Transport

An embarrassment of riches

A Chapter Opening from David Jury's Essay