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Wood engraving by Simon Brett
(from Prothalamion and Epithalamion, 1997)

On Endgrain Editions 4: Simon Brett

I have never seen a compilation of engravings done so masterfully. [It] is the best treatment of an engraver’s works that I have ever seen! Andrew Hedden, Subscriber to the press

I was expecting something pretty special, but my expectations were blown out of the water by the thing itself. ... The printing of the blocks is astounding. My colleagues here have been crowding around the book, as one of them reverently turns the pages, emitting gasps of delight as one image after another is revealed.
Joe Whitlock Blundell, Design & Production Director, the Folio Society

On Ursus typographicus: a Chronology of Bears

Having happily devoured Ursus Typographicus, and delighted in the many 4-legged creatures within it, I wanted to let you know what a treasured thing it will become. You know you both do extraordinary work, and at least some of the world appreciates it.
Scott McIntyre, publisher, and Patron of the press

Just to let you know that the book has safely arrived and I couldn’t be more delighted with it. It is a wonderful celebration of your achievement. A real bonus - which I hadn’t expected - was that there would be so much text to read and which having quickly dipped in from place to place is very interesting. The bears have arrived here in the middle of a heat wave; so hibernation is well and truly over.
Richard Barnett, Subscriber

The bears have arrived safely and we are delighted with them. Sabine read the book right away and I just finished it. So beautiful!
Ralph Stanton

On Endgrain Editions 5: Richard Wagener

What can I say other than wow? The long wait is over and it was well worth it! What a magnificent book. Whoever printed it (I enjoyed reading about your travails) is absolutely fantastic. I can't believe how wonderful the plates are, especially the colour ones. Richard must be ecstatic. Thank you, thank you.
Jean-François Vilain, Subscriber

Very beautiful binding, sublime inside as always! It was worth the waiting.
Serge Berrut, Endgrain Editions Subscriber


Barbarian Press
The Fifth Decade continues...

2019 was an eventful year at Barbarian Press. Endgrain Editions 5: Richard Wagener: A Dialogue with Wood Engraving, was completed in the autumn after a year and a half of challenging printing. The engravings range from delicate botanicals to abstract collages to vivid two-colour expressionistic images, all requiring their own distinct technical approach. The result is a stunningly beautiful collection from one of the world's best engravers, now virtually sold out. The publication of this book has freed us now to concentrate full-time on Bordering on the Sublime, our major project on the ornamented borders of the Curwen Press.

In happy personal news, our daughter Apollonia is now assisting us at the press on a part-time basis. Her presence will enable us to produce smaller books while work progresses on the Curwen. These will include a book of poems by Canadian writer, Jan Zwicky with photographs by Robert Moody; selected poems by English poet Molly Holden, illustrated with wood engravings by Andy English; and Pastoral Elegies, a volume combining ‘The Deserted Village’ by Oliver Goldsmith and ‘Elegy in a Country Churchyard’ by Thomas Gray, illustrated by engraver Chris Wormell. The Barbarian future looks busy and bright.

Utile Dulci

Now in Print!

Simon Brett – An Engraver’s Progress

Ursus Typographicus – a Chronology of Bears

Richard Wagener – A Dialogue with Wood Engraving

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