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Wood engraving by Simon Brett
(from Prothalamion and Epithalamion, 1997)

On Musick in partes:
Songs & Poems from Shakespeare’s Plays

Musick in partes has safely arrived and I could not have been more delighted with it. It really is a joyful book, which I suspect is contributed to in no small measure by the decision to print a sprinkling of the woodcuts in colour and by the delightful printed paper on the front board. Not quite sure why, but I had never realised before how much John Lawrence's woodcuts had a feel of those of that time, albeit, I suspect, with much more of a sense of humour. I especially like the frontispiece.
Richard Barnett, Subscriber

On Fancy: 8 Odes of John Keats

Fancy arrived yesterday, and we are delighted with it. It is an exquisite production; every detail shows great care in both thought and craftsmanship. The book will have a good—and appropriate!—home on my Keats shelf next to the Doves Press sonnets.
Joanne Thompson

Only a few pages are necessary to amaze readers of this gorgeous volume. Every element from the setting of the type to the quality of the printing approaches perfection. Traditional craftsmanship is made newly relevant in such a beautiful package.
Judges' Citation, Alcuin Book Awards, 2016

On Endgrain Editions 4: Simon Brett

I have never seen a compilation of engravings done so masterfully. [It] is the best treatment of an engraver’s works that I have ever seen! Andrew Hedden, Subscriber to the press

I was expecting something pretty special, but my expectations were blown out of the water by the thing itself. ... The printing of the blocks is astounding. My colleagues here have been crowding around the book, as one of them reverently turns the pages, emitting gasps of delight as one image after another is revealed.
Joe Whitlock Blundell, Design & Production Director, the Folio Society


Barbarian Press
The Fifth Decade!

In 2017 the Press celebrated its fortieth anniversary. Ursus typographicus, just completed, marks that celebration. But if anniversaries mean anything, they mean that life – and work – must go on, and so as we move toward the fiftieth anniversary of Barbarian Press we have many plans and much work to do.

Bordering on the Sublime is at last under way, with a planned 18-month production schedule, and we have Endgrain Editions 5 in the press. Ahead of us are more books – books on typography, a major edition of a literary classic, new translations, more poetry from the canon (most of these illustrated by leading engravers), and of course books on wood engraving and engravers. We thank all of you who have supported us through all or some of these years, and welcome you and others to join us in the fifth decade of Barbarian Press as we continue to celebrate the usefulness and the beauty of the Book.

Utile Dulci

Now in Print!

Musick in partes:
Songs & Poems from Shakespeare’s Plays

Fancy: 8 Odes of John Keats

Simon Brett – An Engraver’s Progress

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