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Wood engraving by Simon Brett
(from Prothalamion and Epithalamion, 1997)

Sarah Race's award-winning short documentary on Barbarian Press!

In 2015 Sarah Race asked if she might make a short film about us and the press, and the
result, her first film, won the Hot Docs short subject award, and went on to be shown in
many independent film festivals in Canada, the States, and internationally. Now we are
able to make it available to those who might have missed it. Please click on this link.

* * * * *

On Sudden Immobility: Selected Poems of Molly Holden

I received your magnificent book. I really don’t know what to say. It is stunning. What a triumph for all of you. This is no slim volume of poetry. What an expansive, glorious tome!
B. MacKeen

On Fifty-six Ontological Studies

I love folio-sized private press books as much as the next guy but sometimes they inhibit spontaneous handling; volumes like this one and the Cavafy are proof of your commitment to making beautiful but eminently readable editions. Congratulations also to Apollonia on her work on this.
L. Schroeder, Subscriber

On Ursus typographicus: a Chronology of Bears

Just to let you know that the book has safely arrived and I couldn’t be more delighted with it. It is a wonderful celebration of your achievement. A real bonus - which I hadn’t expected - was that there would be so much text to read and which having quickly dipped in from place to place is very interesting. The bears have arrived here in the middle of a heat wave; so hibernation is well and truly over.
Richard Barnett, Subscriber

On Endgrain Editions 4: Simon Brett

I have never seen a compilation of engravings done so masterfully. [It] is the best treatment of an engraver’s works that I have ever seen! Andrew Hedden, Subscriber to the press


Barbarian Press
The Fifth Decade continues...

2022 seems to have passed in a blur of activity at the press. Two books have come and gone; both Sudden Immobility: Selected Poems of Molly Holden and Ten Poems with One Title: Poems by Robert Bringhurst and Wood Engravings by Richard Wagener are now out of print. Much progress has been made on our mammoth Curwen Press project: David Jury’s essay is printed; Apollonia has printed more than half of the ‘gallery’ of ornamented borders; and Crispin is approaching the writing of the last chapter of his ever-expanding essay on ornamental typography.

Jan, meanwhile, has embarked on the printing of the wood engravings and text for The Marriage of True Minds, a selection of 50 love poems with illustrations by seven of our engraving friends, which celebrates our 50th wedding anniversary and 45 years as Barbarians. In addition, Wayzgoose Pamphlet One, a reprint of our 1984 publication, was entirely set and printed by Apollonia on her Heidelberg press to mark our celebratory Wayzgoose and garden party in September.

We entirely subscribe to the theory that it is wise not to taper off as one ages . . .

Utile Dulci

Now in Print!

Wayzgoose Pamphlet Number One

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